1996 buick park avenue car alarm

resently my door locks will not unlock or lock from the outside using a key. i used a hanger to onlock the doors after i had been locked out. when i opened the door the car alarm went off. now anytime i open the doors the car alarm gose off for a few min and will shut off. how can i fix this

You may have to reset/reprogram the security system on the vehicle.

Using a remote to unlock the doors now or just using the key?

The door locking/unlocking mode may need checking out too.

Set the alarm so it doesn’t arm its self “How can I do that”? you ask, well you didn’t say what type of alarm. Typically can you unlock you car with a remote? Have you repaired the problem that prevented you from unlocking/locking your car from outside with the key? what was it?

the problem has been resolved. How i don’t know, the alarm just stopped going off… anyway thanks for the help

Well now, wouldn’t it be nice if all repairs were that simple and cost effective?

Kidding aside, don’t be surprised if the fault comes back.

There MAY have been a wire touching a metal part of the vehicle causing a short but hasn’t worn the insulation off enough to make a weld.