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1996 bmw 328 convertible e36 wont start

this car is a daily driver and ran very well it has 104,000 miles and well maintained. on a friday night it started to rain and my windows were down. my friend voluntered to roll them up and mistakenly left the key in the run position. i was unaware of this untill monday morning so the battery was completely drained. i removed the battery and charged it for about 12 hours untill fully charged on a 3 amp charger. the head lights were bright when i reinstalled the battery but i did not take a voltage reading although i believe it was charged up good.when i went to start the car it did nothing and the fuel pump is not running either. i removed the starter wire from the starter and with a remote starter jumped the starter… it wirled over fine but no start with the key in run position . it has no fuel pressure and is not getting fire. this car is equipped with an imobilization unit for security. is it possible that this caused it to ativate? my key also is equiped with a chip i was told by the (stealership) and i only have the one key with no fob to deactivate the security system. my owners manual say i can turn the key to the left in the drivers door to turn off the securtiy also but it has no effect. it is the original key and is very old looking .i have exhausted every hunch i had to get this machine back on the road and i just know one of you tappet brothers is holding the solution to my problem. im hoping anyway thank you so much for your time

troy smith

The trouble might be with the security system. I would check the fuses just to make sure they are ok and if so then you may need to get a fob key and program it for the security system.

You have insulted my former employeers (stealership) I leave you to find your own answer.

thank you i will check all the fuses first

im sorry i was joking but the nearest dealership is 70 mile away from me and they wanted me to tow it there before they could tell me anything

all the fuses checked were good including under the hood and passenger side behind glove box. and if i get a key from the dealership will i have to do anything to it like program it or just stick it in and go

If you did get a key fob it would have to be programed to the car system. Is there any warning light in the dash to indicate the security system has been tripped?

i dont see any lights on to indicate its tripped but what else would kill everything it even locks the windows but after trying several times turning the key on and off its finally letting me roll up the window

This discussion thread appears to have ended. I’m curious if you got a result. My wife’s 1996 328i convertible is sitting in an underground garage at her work because last night it would not start. Battery is two months old. Door locks work, lights work, seat motor, window motor, dash instruments all work. But the computer display is off and the key does nothing in the ignition. dead. any clues?