Key gets locked in ignition, all electronics shut off, won’t start

I have a 2002 Buick Regal and I can’t figure out why my security system keeps getting tripped and locks the car down. Every so often, although a lot more frequently, I’ll get in the car, put the key in the ignition but when I turn it, it only goes about half a turn and then gets locked. I then cannot remove the key unless I shove a screwdriver into the release slot. Then, the only way to get the car to start is to short out the battery by touching the negative terminal with something metal.

Is it the ignition cylinder? Possibly? Or maybe the chip on the key isn’t being recognized? My key has a small chip with a built in resistor that the ignition has to see to start.

Sounds like a loose battery connection at the negative connection.

The threads on the negative are a bit stripped now that you mention it. That would cause the keys to be locked in the ignition?

Could be. You may not be getting enough current through your failing battery cable.

Try cleaning the battery connections using a battery post cleaning brush. There may be corrosion causing the problem. Battery connection problems are one of the most common issues to have and the most easiest to fix.