1995 Toyota Camry leaking O-ring

on the distributor shaft there is an O-Ring that keep oil seepage from happening. Mine started to leak and I replace with OEM part. The problem persist.
Would replacing the distributor be the solution?

Was the inside of the holes smooth? Of was there a sharp spot? Did you put a little oil on the O-ring before reinstalling? Any of these could have nicked the new O-ring and continued the leak.

Look at the distributor itself and notice the condition of the O-ring groove. Is it smooth? No cuts scrapes or cracks? If you can’t find a reason oil will go past, it probably won’t help to replace the distributor.

Are you sure that is where the leak is?

More info:

A source of leakage at the cylinder head is the O-ring seal for the distributor housing.

This leak will cause enough oil to flow down the back of the engine or along the parting line between the engine and transmission to collect at the pan gasket surface. Bear in mind that a plugged PCV system can significantly increase the amount of oil that leaks from either of this source.

This can also include sludge formation that restricts flow through the PCV system. The leak from the distributor seal is very often confused with a leak at the rear main seal, which is a design that very seldom fails. In doing this repair, if there is any oil inside the distributor housing, the seal won’t stop the leak, and a replacement distributor will be needed.

Did you apply petroleum jelly to the new O-ring prior to installation?