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Oil leak

My 1996 toyota camry is leaking oil at the distributor. someone told me if I have oil in the distrebutor, I would have to change the distributor. Is that true?

I need to change the motor mount on the back of (next to the fire wall)that same car. Do I have to remove the driveaxle to do it?

Are your comments that you have a leak at the distributor and your information that a distributor that has oil inside it must be replaced related?

Never changed the mount on that car but on other FWD’s it was not required,what does it look like? is it attached to the differential (the back side of the diff) can’t see why you would have to remove either axel,but I am not looking at it you are. I would say only if there is a space or access problem. As soon as you say you must do this to do that someone comes up with a way around it.