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1995 Plymouth Neon not running when warm

I have a 1996 Plymouth Neon,2.0L SOHC with about 125.000 miles on it. After this car hits operating temp. the car shuts off. After the car shuts off you just let it sit for a few minutes and it will start up fine till what ever it is fails and shuts off. You can hear the fuel pump after the car shuts off and I have put more coolant in the car and nothing has worked. The coil pack in this car is new and I have even tried the old one and the same problem is happening with it. I have timed how long the car stays running and its about 15 minutes then this will happen. When the car is warming up it runs fine.

I hope I can get some help with this car i could really use it

The first thing I would check is the Auto Shut Down (ASD) relay. It is fairly common for them to go bad. It is located in the underhood Power Distribution Center (PDC). There is a guide in the cover to tell you exactly which one it is. You can try swapping it with another relay with the same part number to see if the vehicle starts and stays running.

At the time the car shuts off you need to check fuel pressure, and spark to at least narrow down the possibilities.

Is the check engine light on? Have you tried pulling diagnostic codes by turning the key, on, off ,on, off, on to the the run position without turning the key all the way to the start position ?

Unhook the vacuum hose from the EGR and draw on it like a straw. If the idle is altered, the EGR, the EGR tube, and the whole shabang is functional. If there’s no alteration, the EGR is dysfunctional. It may be the source of your hot stall. It should be closed at idle.

I had the opposite condition. It was the code for EGR, which I verified it for function in the prescribed manner. I replaced the vacuum solenoid to stop it from generating the code.

Here is a detailed how to, on diagnostic codes for your Neon

the check engine light dose not stay on it only comes on when you first put the car in the run position and it shuts off and there are no codes in the system ether. I have been watching that part closely i have a obd2 code reader and a Haynes techbook. I know if you just put the key in the run position 3 times the fuel pump is running 2 out of 3 times. thanks for all the help

After the car stalls it wants to start it sputers and then dies. There is steam coming for the rad. After the car is warmed up but there is no coolant loss from the overflow tank. I switched the horn relay with the ASD relay (for some reason all the relays are the same in the PDC) and it’s still doing the same thing. I did manage to blow the 20 amp fues for the fuel pump but it was something I did so it’s no related. There is Also a auto. car starter in this car the key remote has buttons for the trunk, eneine start and door locks, only one thing works on it and it is the engine start.

Good day and sorry for putting this thread up to date. Just need to share this one. Ok, so i have 98 Plymouth and it a problem with its neon. The same thing experienced by some of you here, it has no spark or power to solenoid, no fuel pressure, no power going to fuel pump, blows the fuel pump fuse when turned over. It cranks over but still it wont start. The relays have been replaced and diagnosed. Also, the crankshaft sensor has no power. On the other hand the ignition is newly purchased and the grounds are good and tore everything in my car apart looking for shorts to no success. Could it be an ECM problem? Any suggestions from you guys? Im planning to do my Plymouth repair probably this sunday but still i have no idea where to start.Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks