1995 Plymouth NEON-is it terminal or is it a sensor

5 speed Manual NEON-1995

DBl Overhd. Cam

You are driving along// when suddenly and unexpectedly you lose horse power like it is only getting 2 cylinders working not 4…When it happens if you downshift and try to bring rpms up then it starts running normally again. Can act up when warm or cold engine. Unhooked all sensors to Throttle body*nothing happens /// THE

sensors for Manifold–1 did not make a difference but when 1 was unhooked and then plugged back in…it ran ok and wasn’t as erratic. Tried a new coil new plugs new expensive fuel filter…it has 185,000 miles on it. Is it manifold sensor or what else could it be??any ideas. Thanks guys…tjt

Can I assume you’re talking about the intake manifold, the sensor being the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor? That would make sense. The computer compares the MAP signal to the Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor as a key indicator of the engine’s demand. If that were giving erratic readings, the ECU would be giving improper signals to the injectors and the engine would run erratically.

Let me suggest you get a manual and a meter and begin to actually check the sensor outputs relative to the specs. You may even see the erratic signal on the meter.

There is no MAF sensor on this car just a MAP sensor.
I would start by checking codes. Is the check Engine light on? Autozone, Advanced auto will check for free, also there is a way to check codes by toggling the ignition key on and off. Search a allpar.com on how to do that. At this point it could be to many possibilities to try and guess.

Replacing the oxygen sensor(s) could solve the problem. This kind of problem happens a lot when the oxygen sensor gets old.