1995 Mercury Sable. Needs Tune up. Help me Please!

I was wondering how much it would cost to fix rust on my car. and the lining for the bottom of my doors. Also the air condition is not working how much would that cost to fix. Please help!!!

Well it’s pretty much impossible to answer your questions without seeing the car or knowing the specific problems. Bodywork can range from $200-2000 depending on the severity of damage and how much work is involved to remove the rusted area and weld in new metal. As for the air conditioner once again it could cost very little if you have a small leak than can be rapired or hundreds if you need a new compressor. In summary-we cannot answer these questions without more specific information.

You can get estimates from a body shop for the rust repair.

It’s hard to estimate the AC repair cost without knowing which part of the system is leaking or not working. AC repairs are not cheap these days.