Unidentified $100+ Part

I have a '99 Mercury Sable (3.0L DOHC V6) that needs some work done on the A/C. After failing the dye test, one garage quoted $1600+ to replace the A/C compressor, evaporator core, orifice tube, and something that looks to say “filter orifice” and costs $100.93. None of my parts stores seems to carry such a part, nor does ford.com. Is this a bogus part or am I just misreading the scribbling on the quote?

Another option for the second word (filter is clear as the first word) is drier.

It’s probably the filter drier or receiver dryer. Check out this webpage: http://www.familycar.com/classroom/ac1.htm

This is probably an accumulator, which is sometimes called a drier and it’s legit when servicing the A/C system and it’s opened up.

The thing that I question is the evaporator replacement. They’re going to do all of this including the evap. for 1600 bucks? As far as I know, the entire dash must be diassembled to do this so the amount quoted seems somewhat small unless they’re working on peanuts for flat rate charges.

They are estimating 8.8 hours to rip the dash out and put it back in.

As far as the identifier as the accumulator, after some more research, I agree.