Is it worth it to fix

'94 mercury sable, needs rack/pinion replaced.body is poor, car runs good on the major repairs have been done.185000 the rack/pinion expensive? please help…

Repairing a car like yours is best done with either good used parts from a wreck (with no front end damage), or a rebuilt unit from a high volume suspension shop. You might get a quote from Midas for comparison. Racks typically go from $200-$500 for popular cars. Add to that installation labor of abour $150 or so. I’m giving you a ballpark figure here.

When you say no major repairs have been done, I have to assume that at that age of the car, you will be getting a lot of repairs in the next 2 years or so. My Nissan of 1994 is in great shape, but it has already had 2 brake jobs, new radiator, starter motor, alternator, and CV joints replaced.

Not worth it.

To make such a decision, it would be necessary for you to understand if you can financially get a better car. If you have good income, then it is time to retire that old car and get a good one.

If financing or cashing out a newer car creates a serious financial problem, then one could try the used rack, and hope for the best until you can handle the newer car financially. Such decisions cannot be made without looking honestly at your financial state. This of course is your business, and your decision, we do not need to see your financial statement, heh, heh. It is easy to tell someone to get a better car when we don’t know if they can afford it.

But. as has been pointed out, that body is poor, and repairs are just over the horizon based on model and mileage.

I’m in the same boat…my 96 Mits Eclipse needs a new rack/pinion (for two yrs now). Just drive slower and with less spirit. Good luck!

Just when a FORD Turis,or sable it 2,000.00,"and front end need to be done,"Your trans will be next!I had one 1998 Sable,and from 1989 to 2003 Turis,"All but one tran went on me!The 2003 had not only trans trouble,"But it had bad electric trouble. So i trade it in!.Tthat what you need to do.By away,'if the dealer only give you $200.00 for tradein,"You can scrap it for $400.00!