1995 Lincoln Town Car - Bad Horn

I have a 1995 Lincoln Town Car that has a bad horn. I can see where it’s located, but I don’t know how to go about removing it. I’ve already checked the horn fuse and horn relay, so I’m confident that it’s the horn itself. I was hoping to take it out and replace it quickly (within an hour or two), but I couldn’t figure out how to remove it. I’ve heard that the 1995 are close to the 1996 and 1997 makes, if that helps or broadens the range of help.

Thank you in advance for any help!

There are other things that could be wrong. Did you check that the horn is getting 12 volts with a voltmeter or light?

Well, the auto teacher at the local high school took a look at it and said that he tried and tested everything. I’d double check it myself, but I don’t know how to get the probes of my multi-meter on it.

It’s right directly underneath that info block on the black plastic. I think I have to remove the grill. Hopefully the horns on the other car I’m working on fit it so I can switch out those and drive this 95 for sometime before the other one gets fixed.

The plastic shroud has to be removed to gain access to the horns.

There are plastic retainers with hex heads that fasten the shroud.

Take something like a claw hammer and slip it under the hex heads, and pry up to remove the retainers so the shroud can be removed.


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Thank you! I got the shroud off, unfortunately, I stripped the plastic retainers, but I’m hoping they’re replaceable (I think I’ve seen a few at auto zone). I used the horns off the other car I’m working on since this '95 is my daily driver. Everything is working perfectly now! (Well, except the windows, but that’s another problem for another topic and day,)