Broken 1999 VW Jetta car horn

I have a 1999 VW Jetta and my horn stopped working about a month ago. I replaced the fuse but that didn’t fix it. It just makes a clicking sound when I push the horn button. I went to take to the shop and they said I needed to replace both horns with labor around $270. My boyfriend thinks it’s not the actual horn because my car alarm works and he think there connected. So the problem may be in the wiring? Any suggestions? Is it possible to fix it myself? I really don’t want to pay almost $300 to replace my horn!

You can verify that the horns work by making a jumper lead to run between the battery and the horns. The clicking you hear may be relay that is in between the power lead to the horn so there may be a break in the connection from the relay to the horn. The most likely spot for the trouble will be at either end of the connection but it could be damaged somewhere in between. You should be able to fix this yourself for a lot less money. I recommend you purchase a service manual for the car using the money saved. It will be a good investment.

And you should be able to get replacement horns at the junk yard or Autozone. Are they easy to get at?

Easy way to check is to get a 12v test light or a voltmeter, and see if there is 12v at the horn when you push the horn button. If there is, you need to replace the horn. If there isn’t, then you need to find out where the problem is. Could be the relay.