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1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ 5 speed manual wont move but stalls

About 2 days ago was heading to work in the jeep and when I went to put it into gear I got it into gear but the tires weren’t moving. All I could do is stall the car out and restart it.
The Jeep was having some slippage around 3rd to 4th gear.
Has 136K miles on a 2.5L 4 cylinder.

So you start the engine, push the clutch pedal, slip it into first, and when you let the clutch pedal out it doesn’t move the car, but stalls the engine? That sounds like there is a problem somewhere between the clutch and the wheels. Might be one the wheel’s brakes is locked for some reason. When in neutral can you move it by pushing or coasting downhill?

If it were a slipping clutch the engine would rev but the Jeep wouldn’t move.

Now if something the transmission failed where it’s locked up, the engine 's going to stall anytime the clutch pedal is released.


Yes I can push it and tow it.

You know at least the problem isn’t the brakes, and the axle shafts must be rotating, so the final output stage of the differential is unlikely the cause. hmmm … not sure how that vehicle is configured so I’ll assume it is either rear 2wd or 4wd w/conventional transfer case, and that you’ve tested it in 2wd mode, so it isn’t likely related to something w/ the front wheels.

  • Could be a problem with the clutch ass’y
  • Or the transmission as posted above
  • Or the transfer case
  • Or the rear driveshaft
  • Or the rear axle/differential

With no other clues to go on, I’d be inclined to disconnect the rear driveshaft and see what happens then. Check the fluid levels in the transmission, transfer case, rear differential of course.