1995 grand Cherokee

Hey I have been having a problem with my Jeep it’s a 1995 grand Cherokee with a 5.2 motor last week I had water in the trunk of it so I got my drill and drilled holes through the back and hit my gas tank (I didn’t know it hit the tank yet) so all the dirty water ran into the tank and later I drove it then sputtering around then it died I seen what I did so I put a new tank new fuel filter new map sensor and new tps and down low it’s fine but around 3000 rpm it will spit and spudder and will not go no farther than that I’ve ran multiple fuel injector cleaners seafoam and a bottle of octane booster in the tank so pls help idk what else to try except injectors anyone got input? (It ran perfect till the water). Thanks in advance

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I think you now know you should have drained the tank prior to starting the engine. At this point I’d put a can of dry gas into the tank to absorb any water that may still be in the system.

Is this while driving or in park?

If it’s in park it will go up to maybe 3500 but only 3000 in drive. And I forgot to mention as soon as you start it it’s not so bad it will go little higher after it gets warm Is when it’s the worst then you can shut it off wait 5 sec and start it it will be a lot better for a few min