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1995 geo won't start (200,000 miles)

Geo won’t start. It has a new battery and air filter. Just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. I don’t hear the fuel pump “whirring” when I put the key in the ignition (to on position). All the dashboard lights come on when the car is in on position.

I suspect the relay or the fuse, but having trouble finding the correct one of each. What does the relay look like? i.e. part number? What is the spec for the fuse? 20amp 30 amp???

Any suggestions would be great. This has been a great car.

first thing is to get a service manual. then check fuse box and find relay location through manual. it should be located under dash on driver’s side.

Have you checked the inertia switch to see if it needs resetting?

Are we sure this car has an electric fuel pump?

Are we sure this car has an electric fuel pump?

OP states he doesn’t hear the fuel pump whirring when the key is turned to the on position, if this is normal behavior of the car this verifies an electric fuel pump.

I’d like to know whether or not the car is actually cranking before saying anything else.