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Problem Starting Geo Prizm

When turning the ignition to ‘start’ the engine doesn’t turn over, but I hear a humming sound. It started doing this awhile back but has gotten progressively worse (almost every time trying to start it). The battery, starter, and alternator have been tested ok. What could it be? Fuel pump perhaps?

If by “turn over” you mean that the engine doesn’t crank at all then this has nothing to do with a fuel pump. In fact the humming likely is the fuel pump.

So are you saying that you turn the key, the dash lights all come on, the fuel pump hums, but nothing else? Just silence? Or maybe clicking?

Is it an automatic? If so, put the car in neutral and see if it starts then. If so then you probably need a new neutral safety switch.

I would suggest checking out the starter solenoid

The humming could be the starter free wheeling because of sheered off gear teeth on the fly wheel. lets hope thats not the problem!

Yes, all the dash lights come on, the fuel pump hums, but there is nothing else. Just silence. Usually, it starts up in the next couple of tries, but lately it can take up to ten minutes before starting.

Thanks. I will.