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1995 ford probe colde start issues. help!

I have a 1995 ford probe gt. and it is starting to get colder out and it is taking longer to start. ive changed that battery and just started it to see if it made a difference. and it did not. so I’m wondering what else could be the issue. to add it sometimes takes a little longer to start in not to cold weather. (10-15 degrees celcius)

Well re colde start if you turn the ignition on, you should here the fuele pumpe run, let it goe fore 10 secondse ore soe, then seee ife ite startse right up, ife soe youe neede ae newe fuele pumpe.

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Another would be the engine temp sensor but you need a diagnostics check to see if it is reading properly or not. It tells the computer what the temperature of the engine is and sets the fuel mixture accordingly. If it thinks the engine is warm and its not, the fuel ratio will be set too lean. I mention it because I broke one off once doing a repair on the road and it was a beast to get started. 'Spose it was about 20 degrees or so, maybe a little colder, but took forever cranking it.

Do you mean you are hearing the cranking sound – that rrr rrr rrrr sound – for a longer time than usual before it pops and starts running on its own? Or is the cranking sound really slow – like it is turning the engine really slowly? Or is there a noticeable delay between the time you turn the key to “start” and you hear the rrr rrr rrr sound?

ive already ruled out the starter. if that’s what your going to say. it cranks strong with not delay, it just cranks longer than usual before actually turning over.

My guess, a fuel or ignition problem. Both can be affected by temperature. Ignition systems typically are more affected by hot temperatures, so I’m leaning towards a fuel system problem. Cold engines require substantially more fuel injected to start than hot engines. How that’s done varies by car to car. My early 90’s Corolla uses a gadget called a “cold start injector” combined with another gadget called a “thermal timer”. Newer cars, the engine computer does that job itself using the IAT and ECT sensors as inputs, and the injector pulse time as output. . Suggest you research how your car accomplishes that function, as that’s where the problem may lie.

Weak spark, cylinder compression, and low fuel pressure problems are a common cause of this too. Check for a healthy spark at the tip of the spark plug makes sense, as well compression and fuel pressure checks. You might want to start by eliminating these first. They are easier to do for a diy’er than researching how the cold start function works on one particular car.

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