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1993 Toyota Corolla trouble starting when engine is cold

If the engine is cold, it takes more than 30 seconds to start. It runs rough until it is fully warmed. Then it starts and runs just fine, unless it sits too long in cold weather. Any ideas what the problem is before I take it to the mechanic and get sold a bill of goods?

Thirty seconds of cranking the engine over? If so, have the fuel pump pressure tested and the fuel filter as well. That’s the most common problem. A quick way to test this yourself is a quick shot of starter fluid in the fuel injection system plenium. If it starts then it’s a plugged fuel filter or weak fuel pump.

Thanks! Having a starting place makes the trip to the mechanic so much easier!

The garage says it starts right up, even after overnight in an unheated garage. Is there an adjustment that could be made to make this go away? The car is spending another night with them, to see if it will happen again (fortunately, it’s no charge at this point).