1995 ford f-150

I have a ford f-150 and I hear a clicking sound that seems like it’s coming from the left front wheel area. Can someone tell me what it could be? I also want to know what can I do to raise my truck up higher maybe four inches and is it expensive to do? I also want to make the ride in the truck smoother,I have new shocks on it would new springs help? Last but not least what can I do to make my steering less loose I had an alignment last year and replaced a part in the steering column that was suppoed to help and it did for a while but is there something I can do to make it tighter. It’s a good truck with a 351 cleveland engine runs good I have about 120.000 miles on her. I know these solutions won’t be cheap but this way I can plan for them .


A quality suspension lift will set you back about $1200 or so for the parts and another grand or so for install. I’m guessing you’ll want bigger tires as well, make plans to regear as well, figure about $600 per axle for that. Your 351 is a Windsor not a Cleveland. For the clicking, if you have automatic locking hubs (assuming the truck is 4WD) then one of then could be busted, it’s pretty common.

Yes it is a four wheel drive. Is it expensive to repair the hub?