1995 Eagle Talon ESI Auto Trans 2.0L

Hi there,

I recently purchased a:

1995 Eagle Talon ESI Auto Trans 2.0L

I am having one small(hopefully)issue

When driving steady between 60/70kmh as the car shifts into the last gear, the engine revs up and back down, repeatedly, until I hit a higher speed past 70kmh or below 60kmh(when it shifts into a lower gear)

Also when I put it in O/D OFF the car does not do this.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Your car is not a powerhouse; many 4 cylinder cars “hunt” between Overdrive and the highest gear at that speed. My wife’s Nissan Sentra does the same thing when going uphill or passing, She just keeps it out of overdrive.

If the car stays in OD on the LEVEL at those speeds, you are OK, if it downshifts only when going uphill or accelerating, you are OK. If it downshifts from OD for no apparent reason, or if the shift takes too long, you need to have it adjusted.

Since you say it does not do this with OD off, the OD engagement switch and circuitry needs to be looked at. Your problem could be simple if only adjustment is needed.

Good Luck!

Have the transmission computer scanned for codes. Sometimes a solenoid pack going bad could do this on Mitsu transmissions, which is what I think the Eagle is. Otherwise it might be normal as Doc said.