Eagle Talon having RPM problems

I have a 95’ Eagle Talon-2.0 ESI non-Turbo, that has recently developed a problem with maintaining proper idle RPM’s. The vehicle will sometimes drop below 400 rpm’s at idle or when the clutch is engaged from any gear (5 speed), sometimes causing the engine to stall. Slowing down slowly sometimes allows the car to not stall, the rpms will however lower to around 350-400 and then pick up to normal idle speed 800 rpms. The symptom is erratic and does not occur at any regular time of the day.

Have you tried cleaning your Idle Air Control valve? Does the air filter need replacing? You could also try spraying your throttle body with a cleaner.

I just did a basic tuneup, oil, spark plug, and air filter on the vehicle. I have not tried cleaning the Idle air control valve, but will do so immediately. I’ll also try cleaning the throttle body. Thanks for the recommendation’s.

These are cheap things to try, don’t know if they’ll work. Other people may have better ideas.