1995 Dodge Ram 1500 - Pump issue?

turn truck on the normal lights come on except the check engine light , turn the key to engage the starter and engine turns over but will not fire. leave key in on position for 1 to 3 mins. then fuel pump relay starts clicking very lightly and slowly then speeds up and gets louder until the check engine light comes on. engine then starts very roughly so I press the gas pedal down like when an engine is loaded up, then it clears out and runs well until the next day when it starts all over again. put a new fuel pump in still the same, but with the new pump the fuel gauge only will read at most a little over 1/4 tank full. this all started on a very cold day last winter 2017 before the new pump any help would be appreciated THANKS Brian

The lack of a check engine light indicates that the PCM isn’t being powered up or the PCM has an internal failure, this can be confirmed by connecting a scan tool to see if there is a response.

A loose power or ground can improve as it heats up but I suspect the problem is in the PCM. Switch the ignition on, have someone observe the check engine light while you heat the PCM with a hair dryer, if the system comes alive much quicker there could be an internal problem in the PCM or a loose PCM connector.