1995 Dodge 2500 ABS

I have a problem with the rear ABS on my 2wd pickup. The RWAL valve is bad, so the ABS is inoperative, and the ABS and BRAKE lights on the instrument panel stay on (almost) constantly. The local dealer says that Chrysler Corp. used to manufacture the part but no longer does and apparently neither does anyone else. Frankly, I don’t even like ABS and would rather not have it, BUT I’m a weirdo who likes to have ALL systems working as intended, so I’d really like to get this thing fixed. I guess my question is: Does anyone know if there’s a “stockpile” of Dodge parts to be found anywhere where I might be able to find this part “lying around?” I can’t believe a company doesn’t make parts for its vehicles that are only 15 years old. What are they using all of that bail-out money for?

The internet is your friend. If you can determine the part number, just “Google” that number and see what comes up.

Are you talking about the sensor on the top of the pumpkin? If it is is still made and I found it on Autozone. Please give location of this valve.

“What are they using all of that bail-out money for?”

Executive salaries…They could not care less about your 15 year old beater…You will have to find your part in a salvage yard. Buy the way, how did you determine it is the “RWAL” valve?? Did Chrysler make this system or where they still using Bosch ABS in '95…?

No, that sensor’s already been replaced. This is located at the master cylinder.