1994 dodge caravan abs break nightmare


Anyone out there know how to bypass abs, as can’t afford all of the estimates and ideas I’m getting. Or any other ways to fix that might be making it look like abs is out, but could be a line, or air filter, or how to maybe put in generic master cylinder and lines and eliminate whole abs hydrolics and pump? Any suggestions at this point would help. Manuals no help. Need to hear from someone who has done this or knows how. Thanks


what kind of brake problem is ABS causing you? When your diagnostic computer detects a problem with your ABS it illuminates a warning symbol on the cluster. your car then operates safely as if it did not have ABS. Why do you need further diactivation of your ABS system? With the light on you have safe standard brakes no concern


seems to be the high pressure pump…can this be bypassed, or how do you fix?


The brakes are hard to stop suddenly. The pedal does not go to the floor, but it sure doesn’t feel like the manual breaks are working. The pedal doesnt’t move a 1/2 inch. Have to use extreme force to get vehicle to stop. HELP!!


Is the ABS warning light activated? Any current or history ABS codes.


Just bought it, but yes, light on. Don’t know how to read codes on a dodge, have always had chevys, that I could but in bobby pin and count how many times the check engine light comes on, but never did I get a code for breaks. Any idea where I would check for codes on this. Is it the main computor or one I don’t know about? I havn’t worked on cars except race cars with small and big blocks, and regular wehicles up to '89, than stopped due to kids and new computors…whole new ball game than back then…thanks for any input.