Bad Brakes on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup

My brake light and Anti Lock Brake System (ABS) light are illuminated on the dash panel of my 1999 dodge truck. The brakes still work fine but the dealer says that death is imminent, but wants $250 to explore the problem.

Is there a part that I should replace?

Do the truck has rear wheel antilock (RWAL) or 4 wheel antilock brakes? My 95 Dodge Dakota had the RWAL system. When the brake and ABS lights came on for the first time it was still under warranty. The RWAL uses a single sensor mounted on the rear axle pumpkin, the dealer replaced the sensor and the truck was fine for a few months. When the lights came on again I replaced the wiring harness between the sensor and the frame rail. The truck had no further problems after that.

If the truck has 4 wheel ABS check the wheel mounted sensors. Clean the connectors at each wheel.

Ed B.

I don’t know if the truck has rear or all wheel ABS. It has disk brakes in the front and drums in the rear. I didn’t clean the wheel sensors. I’ll try that.

RAWL has just one sensor. It’s mounted on the different housing (pumpkin). Four wheel ABS has a sensor and an exciter ring for each wheel.

The Autozone repair guide has sections for each system. You may have to register on the Autozone site to get access to the repair guides

Ed B.