1995 Cirrus won't shift in drive


I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus. When driving the engine will not shift…as I try to speed up the engine revs but seems to stay in first gear. Does’t happen all the time…so when we take into the repair shop they cannot duplicate the problem. A diagnostic printout showed no errors. Any suggestions? THANKS!

It sounds like the transmission is going into ‘limp home’ mode. Usually when that happens the Transmission Control Module is not seeing valid data. However, this will usually set a code that can be read shortly after the event occurs. Can you get the car to the mechanic soon after the problem appears. Another situation that will cause ‘limp home’ mode is loss of power to the TCM and/or solenoids. This will not set a code so have the circuitry to the transmission and TCM checked for problems.

Hope that helps.