1995 Chrysler Cirrus Auto Trans Control Module

This car has had problems with the auto trans control module since new. Sometimes the problems are infrequent. Sometimes they are frequent. At 125,000 miles, all the mechanics agreed I needed a remanufactured transmission. After installing it, the control module was still frequently kicking the trans into “limp home” mode (2nd gear only). The problem was solved temporarily when they installed a different control module with that remanufactured transmission.

Now that remanufactured transmission has about 50,000 miles on it, and the problem of kicking into “limp home” is behaving a little differently. In the morning when everything is cold, the trans kicks into “limp home” immediately. After driving three to five miles, I can switch off the ignition, re-crank the car, and the trans performs flawlessly the rest of the day. I’ve also noticed that while the trans is cold and acting up, the speedometer needle is also bouncing up and down. When the trans warms up and starts working, the speedometer also works properly.

Do you think this is more likely to be caused by one of the speed sensors inside the trans? Or is it just another bad transmission control module?

This is impossible to diagnose over the internet. Since you’ve been having these issues since the car was new, why didn’t you resolve them while still under warranty? With no mechanics able to make a definite diagnosis and repair I’d be extremely reluctant to pour much more money into this car. Sounds like a prime candidate for cash for clunkers…

It was repaired under warranty! Then re-appeared after the warranty expired. I was hoping to hear from other Chrysler owners who have had these transmission problems. I don’t think my car was an isolated lemon. And the problem doesn’t interfere with using the car. Just an annoying inconvenience so far. This Chrysler has been an otherwise great car.

Have you considered upgrading from an automatic to a stick shift?

Just kidding.

Take a look at allpar.com it’s a Chrysler only site. Someone there should be able to answer your question.

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With the speedo acting up, thats an indicator of an output speed sensor issue. Have the speed sensors been replaced??


I was hoping that the speed sensor was the problem and that it would be easy to replace. But the manual I found online indicates that these speed sensors are inside the transmission. Don’t know if the car is worth doing more internal transmission repairs.

No, No… you have a 604 Chrysler transmission. Speed sensors are on the outside of the trans. Heres a pic of the trans:
See where the dipstick tube is? At the bottom of the dipstick tube and to the right is the input (Turbine) speed sensor. Now directly to the right of the input sensor at the back of the trans is the output speed sensor. Change both of these sensors. They cost less than $50 for both of them. A 1" socket is all it takes. If these have never been changed and you are experiencing limp mode and speedo issues, the output speed sensor and/or its wiring is most likely the problem. You can pay a trans shop to do a scan on the TCM for codes to be sure. But the speedo runs off of the output speed sensor. I ALWAYS recommend changing BOTH sensors because they work together to shift the transmission.


Now that’s good news! Exactly what I hoped to find. Thanks, Transman.

Didn’t work did it? My 95 Cirrus just started doing the dance as well! I’m guessing it’s going to be the TCM. At least I’m hoping!

I have the same problem - what was the fix?

I have a 95 chrysler cirrus. Had same problem stuck in second gear limp mode. Replaced both speed sensors and still had problem. Took it to a shop 1200 bucks later a new shift solenoid and a tcm. Tcm was the main problem. Worked for a week then the thing went back to limp mode. Got a free tcm replacement now driving and working good. No idea if it will fry the tcm again or why. Looking for maybe electrical work to be diagnosed see if there is a short. Also wondering if the company that made these cars has a known defect that can be waranteed out or something…let me know. Thanks.

Yeah, you can wipe away any thoughts of warranties on 25 year old car parts, Mike. The electronics in the car will become a greater and greater problem for you because they will fail solely from age. Eventually, there will be no replacement parts.

Just for information’s sake, you asked a question on an 11 year old post commented on a few times, the latest of which was 5 months ago and 2 years before that. It is best to ask the question as a new post rather than tag onto a very old one.


This is a 25 year old car. Nothing will be warranted out.


How anyone could believe that a 25 year old vehicle–that has already gone well past its design limit–would be covered by warranty is something that I can’t quite fathom.

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I’m curious about what some folks expect from a popularly priced, mass market car.

Seem’s some folks want all the bell’s and whistlesthey can get.

I do also, but how long do they expect cars to last? We’ve had folks come on here with cars over 200,000 miles saying I’ll never buy another “hupmobile” again because their car needed repairs and the manufacturer wouldn’t comp them.

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For ever.’]]]]