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1995 Chevy Lumina transmission problem

I woke up and drove to a stop sign. When I tried to pull away the transmission raced like crazy, HIGH RPMS! But was barely moving. After about 8-15 mph it would finally catch 2nd gear.

I check fluids frequently, and topped it off a few weeks ago, and when I finally got where I was able to stop, I looked and there was no fluid registering. So I put 2 quarts in to fill… Then started the car and it would not go into any gear completely. I’d just feel a small thump, when I shifted.

It will actually drop into gear after a while going straight, but it’s stil reving HIGH and it won’t completely go into reverse.

Weirdest thing, the “Anti-Lock” light came on while all this was happening… Any thoughts?

You said you added 2 quarts then started the car. To properly check trans fluid the engine has to be running in park. Do this and add fluid until full. If this doesn’t help then I would venture to guess it has slipped enough to burn clutches and is now done.

That is what I typed but not what I meant. It was late… I put the fluid in at idle, then started moving and it would barely go. Now this morning I rechecked the fluid (hoping it was something to do with the moon) and the fluid is black, and still doing the same thing.

You smoked the transmission. Forget it. Its done.