93 lumina transmission problem

I have a 1993 chevrolet lumina car.The car starts and runs, the transmission works in both forward and reverse for a short time then a whirring noise starts transmission will not work in forward or reverse.Have changed fluid and filter with no avail. Any body got any ideas. Thanks

Did the person who changed the fluid notice the smell of the old fluid? Did it smell acrid? Does the fluid now smell acrid or burnt? When the transmission has failed, check the temperature of the pan fluid. Be careful because transmission fluid can reach scalding temperatures. Withdraw the dipstick and slide you finger down the blade. If you cannot touch the fluid without major discomfort, you probably have slipping of one of the clutches which is overheating the fluid. You might also be seeing an overheating of the engine temperature due to heat transfer from the transmission oil heat exchanger.

Have a transmission technician diagnosis the problem and do a static, stall, and driving pressure check. (S)he would probably see a pressure drop as the fluid heats up and (s)he might be able to pinpoint the clutch pack that is slipping. If a clutch pack is slipping or its piston seals have failed, you are looking at a rebuild at the minimum.

thanks for the info

Well, make sure the fluid level is good. Check it hot, on a level surface, and with the gear selector in “P”. If that is good, I would have a trans shop check line pressure. Its probably the converter or the pump assy doing it.