2007 Chevrolet Lumina doesn't accelerate

Hi, i have chevy lumina LS, having issue with its speed, its speed is not getting increased when RPM is increasing, i haven’t got changed transmission fluid since 44K mileage, now mileage is 194k, recenly changed the tranmission fluid but still not solved the issue. checked with workshop, no any fault code is coming in computer.

It sounds like the transmission is slipping and even if the fluid is still up to the right level, you need to take it to a good independent transmission shop[.

Hopefully they can repair it at reasonable cost, but don’t be surprised if it’s a $3000 plus repair.

Regardless of what the manufacturer says, changing fluid and filter every 40,000 miles results in long transmission life.

Flushing does more harm than good unless accompanied by changing the fluid and filter as well.

Having owned cars with automatic since 1965, I have only had one transmission repair ($195) on a Ford C-4 unit in a Mercury 1971 Comet in 1976.

Good luck!

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Great , sure I wil go to main garage .
Thanks for info.

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