My 1995 front wheel drive chevrolet lumina has let me down!

i’ve had my car now 4 3yrs.I got it from my sister they got it in 1997 and in 2001 the trans. was serviced,in 2002 trans.had torqe converter replaced,my sis.gave me all paper work she had on the up keep on my car.I have kept oil changed and all and abt 2mth.ago car started like when i would go and stop the brakes would like grab,so i had front brakes,or pads or whatever u put on them fixed…right after brakes were fixed i started hearing a little rattle ever now and then and the brakes would still grab a little,well the repair man said it was nothing and that it would be o.k. sooooo…i go on a trip and was abt 150miles away fr home and all of a sudden my car makes a noise and i pulled off interstate and my car would not go anywhere.I would put it in park and bk in drive and still nothing,it was still running but not go in dr,rev.plz give me some idea what is wrong!!! mind is still out on interstate wondering what went wrong with car??

I wonder it the problem is a broken CV(constant velocity) joint. This would explain the rattle that you heard and when it gave out, your car would be immobile.

Your car didn’t let you down. It is 16 years old and who knows how many miles, and something just simply broke. The transmission work you cited was 10 years ago! How many times has the transmission fluid been changed in the last 10 years? If never, then the trans lasted as long as it could without maintenance.

Hopefully it is a snapped CV joint, that would be a much less expensive fix.

The first problem you are having began in Middle School English class…and progressed thru High school English class… LOL…

" abt 2mth.ago car started like when i would go and stop the brakes would like grab,so i had front brakes,or pads or whatever u put on them fixed "

This sentence fragment has me going round in circles… I.E “When I would go and stop” forget what that is called in grammar, but… Alas… I am being a Jerk now arent I ? I know, I know, it happens…I’m Sorry… I am just having trouble reading and interpreting this post. But I will try to help you out anyway…Sorry I am in a bad mood this evening… LOL.

OK… Now that I am over it… The healing begins…

OK, at first it sounds as though you may have been experiencing a Stuck brake caliper but then you describe a transmission failure. So I am not sure where you are with this vehicle.

If she doesnt move now…no matter what gear you select, then it seems that you are surely having a tranny issue… Have you checked your trans fluid? Do you have enough fluid? What does the fluid look like? Is it RED in color? Or is it BROWN and HOW DOES IT SMELL? It should not have a strong odor…NOR should it EVER smell BURNT…so give the oil a looksie and a smell… Tell us what what you get please.

So right now your vehicle does not move…so it can either be your “new” torque convertor or that your trans clutches are shot … Tell us the answers to my trans fluid questions please… They will tell us much

tks for ur input i checked the fluid and it is a little br. no smell,i got in car today and when i cranked it up and put in gear there is a rattleing noise when in drive,or reverse it sound like it’s coming from the front left back kinda at the top of the wheel.When i put it bk. in park the noise stops,but still no movement.Fluid is not low.Sorry about the confusing sentence i think i got lost telling the story and what to say about my car.

I’m going to ask you to get dirty now…

Get on your back, engine off, and reach up behind the front wheel.
There should be a round metal shaft leading from the center of the wheel to the transmission (towards the center of the car). This is one of your drive axles. There should be one for each front wheel. Grab them one at a time, and try to move them…up, down, front to back and in and out of the wheel. There should be either none, or very little “play” in them.

What do yours have?

I believe, like the others here, that it is one of your CV joints. You will probably need one or both axles replaced. If the rattling sound you heard before the failure was most noticeable when going around corners, that would confirm a bad CV joint.

I would recommend that you try to get new aftermarket axles instead of remanufactured axles or OEM axles. This is the most economic route in the long run. It might be possible on this car to replace just the CV joint itself, but most cars, you cannot do that.

You have 4 CV joints, one at each end of the two axles (aka drive shafts). Usually when one goes, the rest soon follow so plan on replacing both axles. after that, you need to get the transmission fluid drained and refilled. Brown is not the correct color, it should be red. You should have this changed about every three years or 30k miles.