1995 Camry with cracked windshield and rusted lintel

I have a crack that goes all the way across the drivers side windshield. When the windshield company came out to replace it, they told me they couldn’t because the lintel was rusted and there wasn’t anything to attach a new one to. I went to a body shop to see if it could be repaired and was told if the windshield was removed, there was no guarantee it could be replaced and I needed to decide between driving a car with no windshield and one with a crack. I took it in for a second opinion and was told the same thing. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get a rusted lintel repaired?

If the lintel is rusted that bad, I’d be concerned about the rest of the car. Before you even consider putting any money into this, you should have the whole car inspected for rust, especially at critical frame points and were suspension components are attached. This car could be unsafe to drive and not economically repairable.

Thanks, I did have the dealer inspect the car and they found it to be in excellent condition except for the lintel. They thought the rust was from an improperly installed windshield 8 years ago that allowed water to collect in that area. I bought it new, it only has about 84,000 miles on it, has had all scheduled maintenance done in a timely manner so I’m hoping it’s salvagble.