Leaky windshield

My problem started when I was following a gravel truck on the freeway, a piece of gravel escaped from the truck, bounced a couple times along the pavement, and wanged into the roof just above the windshield, leaving a dent. After many years of driving with salty kayaking gear strapped to a roof rack, rust has developed in the dent and crept under the rubberized surround of the windshield. Now, when it rains, water drips on my lap. It’s been suggested that I might be able to cheaply fix the leaky by cleaning out the rust - perhaps with a product like naval jelly - and sealing the spot with silicon caulk. Is this a viable option? Is there a particularly good caulking compound for this purpose?

Rust has crept into the windshield mounting area. Yes, you can caulk the area outside of the windshield but the only way to really fix the rust which will worsen and cause more problems, is to have a body shop remove the windshield, braze in new metal and remount the the windshield. It really all depends on how much you want to spend and how long you plan on keeping the car. You won’t stop the rust and future leaking by using naval jelly and caulking from the outside.

Right idea wrong cauk. Use winshield urathane. I have done this as cheap repair for someone like you who has a older car and just wants to get buy. If use tape on the roof for a strait edge it will look real good too.

I have had good results with with products that turn rust black, but you probably have rust on both sides of the metal tha need to get treated before any repairs.

Go to a home supply store or a hardware store and purchase a roll of stainless steel duct tape.

Run the duct tape across the top of the windshield so the top edge just barely touches the trim on the top of the windshield at both ends. Then take a razor blade and trim the tape off the windshield.

Something like this.


Thanks to you all - I’m now planning on using both windshield urethane and stainless steel duct tape (though I’ve never run across it before), and one of the products that turn rust black.