Fix Long Windshield Crack

Just an FYI. I happened across this video of a professional fix for a long windshield crack. I’ve had a bull’s-eye crack repaired but never considered this type of crack reparable:

Not on my car.

They can fix the crack visually, and prevent the crack from growing, but your windshield is a critical structural component that adds to the strength of the unibody and needs to transfer energy in the event of an accident. The only way I’d correct a crack this size is to replace the windshield.

replace the windshield as soon as possible. If you get into an accident this issue could cause a major safety problem.

Not sure it would pass inspection in my state, I carry full glass coverage in any case.

I would never do this. As others have posted, the windshield is part of the cars structure AND the structure that the passenger side airbag uses to support it when it deploys.

I got a small crack in the windshield of my Tundra in 2011. My insurance - Allstate - has a phone line specifically for damaged windshields. They sent someone to my house who put a new windshield in at no cost to me. Check with your insurance company. This benefit is not listed on my policy (at least I can’t find it anywhere) but it does exist.

I wouldn’t have the repair done. The windshield is an integral part of the front airbag system. If the windshield fails during a collision then the airbag is rendered useless.

This looks like a repair tailored for somebody wanting to “fix” their windshield on the cheap, right before listing the car for sale

And you can bet the prospective buyer won’t be told about the long crack that was “fixed”

That windshield is compromised once it has that crack. When you fill in that crack, all you’re doing is masking the problem, and patting yourself on the back

That guy is not fixing anything; he’s just covering the problem up.