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1995 Buick having issues

One year ago the car was acting up. Issues when driving, jerking cutting out going down the road. When you went up hill would slow down and then kick back up to the speed limit. When you slowed down or came to a complete stop the car would die when you went to push the gas pedal. Will not turn over again for 5 to 10 minutes after it would die. When it did start up you were able to go again a little ways down the road before it would do this again. Well we got it fixed but the mechanic did not know if changing the distributor and rotor was the issue. While 10 months later the car is acting up again doing the same things. Wondering if the mechanic we took it to now is correct??? He is saying it is possible the distributor and rotor out again that we just replaced??? Anyone an expert with this make and model of buick. Need help. Every good car, great on the highway, use it to go to work. Really do not want to get rid of it.

I have '96. Ltd Roadmaster and had something similar to your problem. Car would sometimes die or would not start again for some time. I did try everything .Even replaced optispark distributor set (which was very costly). The actual problem was fuel pump wiring set(burned and melted connectors).This is quiet a common problem for these cars.

We have replaced the distributor twice. Now we do not want to replace it again. Agree costly. The mechanic said if was common that the distributor in the 1995 buick either crack or carbonized. We do not trust this. I want to talk to someone that knew about this make and model or similar car. The mechanic check the fuel ratio but I do not think they checked the fuel pump. We have the car sitting in the garage. It just wants to sputter now like not pick up speed. Cannot take it out on the road b/c it will just die.