'93 Buick dies turning corner and at hills

Anyone have any idea? Newer alternator, battery, starter, ignition. Mechanic checked ‘mass air flow sensor’ & cleaned, 10 days ago. Died yesterday at small hill and then turning right corner, with no check engine light. Always starts up again to get me home…so far.

Check the fuel system?

When it dies, does it just quit or does it stumble (as in running out of fuel)?

If the engine is only dying at an idle or at very low RPM when your foot is off the accelerator pedal then maybe the Idle Air Valve is faulty or needs to be cleaned.

Sometimes, but not always, it ends up that the engine computer is bad. I always mention this and I am not right most of the time. I just get really suspicious of any computer that leaves no codes and an engine that works again right after restarting. I also don’t know of anybody with a fifteen year old PC at home who is able to do anything with it.

Just dies…and coasts probably 30 feet.
Check what part of fuel system? Thanks…

Just for fun, check the battery cables and ground wires including the one connecting the engine to the body.

Very likely nothing to do with it, but I used to have the very same problem with a 1977 Plymouth Volare - in that case, it was the carburetor filling up with gas under cdertain conditions, but I don’t recall it starting right up again afterward - it used to take a minute or two. Ahh, good memories!

Thanx for all who responded…garage will check fuel pressure tomorrow; if ok, then do the other suggestions posted here. After checking my repair records…looks like a new fuel pump is due…there goes the stimulus check…:o}

If the engine dies quickly (but restarts again) it sounds to me as though there is an electrical fault, perhaps somewhere in the ignition system.

Is it a RoadMaster?
I had one and they had a problem with the fuel pickup coming uncovered at times, esspecially in corners and if the tank was under a certain volume.

Getting diagnosed now…will check electrical if not fuel pressure.
It’s a LeSabre and gets 30 mph around town…so, good car overall…

I have a 92 Bonneville that does the same thing if the gas is below 1/4 tank full. It’s a combination of the way the fuel tank is baffled and the fuel pickup tube is positioned. With only a few gallons in the tank, a sharp turn to the right will cause the engine to stall due to fuel starvation. Always having at least a 1/2 tank of gas and the problem has never returned.

You’re probly right…it was at 1/4 tank about; going to definitely keep more in the tank.
Found out it’s not the fuel pump (honest garage, they could have changed it),…so they just cleaned fuel injection, adjusted to faster idle, other recommendations posted here. They wouldn’t take payment til I drove it the weekend to make sure problem was solved. Good team.