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1994 toyota pickup 22re won't crank

We had to jump start the truck and my buddy hooked up jumper cables wrong on his truck so I’m hoping the computer isn’t fried. I turn the key and the only things that work are the door dinger and the dome light. Nothing on the gauge cluster and no radio. Dead silent when I turn the key to crank
Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Tried to push start, runs like crap if I can keep it running.

At the minimum you’ve likely blown some fuses. If lucky, that’s the only problem. Fuses, that’s the place to start looking. Check them all. My Corolla of similar vintage has several large amp fuses right in line in a plastic box on the cable going to the battery positive terminal. If your 22re is like my 4afe, that’s where to start the fuse testing process.

Yes, start with the fuses. And I believe there are several fuses/fusible links at the battery (+) cable that usually get toasted when polarity is reversed.

I checked all the fuses and the only one that was blown was the alternator fuse link

Next job is to figure out why it won’t crank. Measure both terminals of the starter motor during attempted cranking. Both should be 10.5 volts or more. If both are and it won’t crank, likely a bad starter motor. I expect tho you’ll find one or both are less than 10.5 volts. If so, work backwards from the starter motor toward the battery to find out why. Access to the car’s wiring schematic may be required, do you have it?

If you are certain that you have repaired/replaced all fusible links and fuses test the relays, starting with the starter relay and master ignition relay.

Situations like this are the very reason I don’t jump start my vehicles or someone’s vehicle. I just yesterday paid $25.00 for a wrecker service to use a jumper pack to start my Volvo so I could go have a battery installed. Money well spent.

I carry jumper cables but I either hook them up myself or double check the connected end before connecting the other end .
The OP doesn’t say but I assume the vehicle’s engine was running ok before the jump fail .