Why won't my 1985 toyota truck start?



I have an old toyota pickup that is 22 years old…it is well used, but it runs…until recently. There is no juice to turn it over… but if you jump start it it will run well and normally.Once you turn it off you are back to having to jump start to get it to go. This just happened this week…and I have only jumped it once to move it home…Is it the battery or could it be the starter? I replaced the battery about 3 years ago… a die hard… Is it time to do that again? Any help would be great.


probably your alternator, get your battery checked first though

My guess is the charging system, batter or wires, and maybe the starter.  In other words we don't have enough information yet.

You local auto parts store will likely be willing to check the batter and charging system for you for free.  Take advantage of that first.  Frankly I believe it is going to turn out to be one of those two.


These old Toyota pickups are cool. Buy a new battery. Change small parts of the charging system one at a time . . . they are 22 years old. Voltage regulator . . . alternator . . . all the parts have got to be showing their age. Battery cables . . . connectors . . . battery terminals . . . all easy stuff. Betcha you’ll have a happy Tojo again. Rocketman


Turn on the headlights------ how bright are they? When you turn the key to the start position do the lights totally go dark? If yes, remove and clean the battery cable ends and clean them, check the battery for water and then retry. If there is no improvement remove the battery and let Auto-Zone, Advance, etc. test it and likely you will replace the battery and be “whole” again. If jump starting gets you going and it runs good once started it would appear that the starter and alternater are good.