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1994 Plymouth Voyager fuel line replacement

I have to replace the fuel lines, supply and return, on a 1994 Voyager I’m trying to get on the road. Very tough, if not impossible to get prebent lines, so I’m bending them myself. One person I’ve asked says to just remove the quick release connectors and just use clamps to connect the lines where the quick release connectors were. Is there a better method to replacing the fuel lines and connectors?

Thanks for your time if answering my question.


I’ve done this once to my 1993 Voyager 3.3L (in 2002), and now I have to do it again (Buffalo winters, lots of road salt rots them out quickly). I can give you some tips:

You’ve got three lines (or at least I did): 5/16" OD supply, 1/4" OD return, and 1/4" OD vent. I replaced all three. The 5/16" line is the hardest to bend, the 1/4" not so bad. Get yourslf a decent tubing bender (not the spring type, but the kind with two handles and curved section)- it helps a lot. Make sure the tubing you buy is galvanized, not just plated. They look the same, but the galv tubing will last twice as long as plated. Get SS (stainless steel) if you can afford it- I couldn’t, but it would make life easier. You should get ten years out of new galv lines, if you don’t live in Buffalo (they love salt there).

I replaced the quick connectors on the supply/return lines at the fuel tank with ones I picked up at an auto parts store. I wouldn’t do this again. There really is no point to it, unless you plan on removing your fuel tank every month and have to disconnect it. Anyhow, to use the quick connects you have to have a tool that will form the ‘bubble’ in the new lines, that the quick connects secure to. If have this tool, but you probably don’t have it. I would simply use a tubing flaring tool (you may have one, or can purchase one cheaply at a hardware store in their plumbing dept.). Put a slight flare (not too big) on the end of the new lines, and use two high pressure hose clamps (on each line) to clamp the new rubber fuel line hose to the line. (File the flare a little to remove any sharp edges that might cut the hose before you slide the hose on. Make sure you use new fuel hose specifically for fuel injection systems.) The slight flare will prevent the hose clamps/hose from possibly sliding off the end of the tubing under pressure, etc.

At the engine end you have to cut the quick connects off the fuel injection manifold hose, and do the same thing you did at the other end (flare tubing, two HP clamps, etc.) I don’t see any problem doing this, as you already have hose clamps at the in-line fuel filter in the supply line (mounted underneath on the right side 1/2 way back). Make sure you get good secure joints, near the engine especially- a fuel leak here could be disasterous. Recheck your clamps for tightness at some point after you run the egine a while. To me, the quick connect isn’t that great of a connection anyhow. All you have there is a small O-ring sealing against the tubing. I think two hose clamps with a hose is a better seal.

When you are making up the supply line, do the same thing as before to make the hose clamp joints at the fuel filter.

Prime and paint the new lines with Rustoleum- it will help extend their life.

While you are doing all this you might want to consider replacing your fuel pump. It’s in the gas tank, and this is a good time to do it.

Good luck…

I did get the fuel tank and lines in, and I do live outside Buffalo. Had to remove and reinstall the tank a few times before I got all the kinks out. I can now remove and install it all in one day LoL. Fuel system worked fine when I started it up. I did decide to reuse the front quick connectors and about 1 foot of the old fuel lines up front without a problem.
Went to finish bleeding front brake lines and an abs line started spewing fluid. Thats where I am now with another hurdle to go. After I noticed the abs line a few days later the power steering pump decided to loose all its fluid on the garage floor. So 1, hopefully only 1, abs line, a power steering pump and what ever else decides to go and I should be done, hopefully.
Thanks for the input.