Fuel line repair on 1994 F150

A few months ago, I posted about my problems with the fuel line on my truck–some scrap metal fell between the bed and cab, and damaged the quick-connects on the (front tank) fuel line. I toyed with it, and it worked fine…for a while. Now, it’s leaking. Badly.

So, the issue is how to fix it. I think I’d prefer a screw-on fitting to a quick connect, given that the location is a liability. What is the general procedure, and is it DIY-able? Flare fitting or compression? If this were my bathroom, it’d be a no-brainer DIY, but this involves gasoline…so I’m leaning towards professional help (comments to yourselves, TY! :wink: BUT, money, as always, is a bit tight, and if I get the green light, I’ll give it a try.

I’m not about to weld or braze anything! I know that it can be done by purging the oxygen…I’m just not the guy to do it.

P.S. the front tank leaks, even when mostly empty, and even when the REAR tank is selected. (And it is DEFINITELY leaking from the connection.) Doesn’t that mean that it’s the return line that’s FUBAR? (This system sends the return fuel via a common line and utilizes shut-off valves on the pump assembly to prevent cross-fueling.)

Dorman makes a fuel line repair kit for the nylon hose. If the steel lines off the tank are bent you may need to replace them. If you are in a area known for rust local shops should have the tools to remake fuel lines. Is the tank itself damaged?

Well, it’s good to know that compression fittings are an accepted repair. Im confident I can do this myself!