1994 Olds 88 Royal

I have a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 Royal that runs great, but sometimes when I stop and turn the car off and return a short time later, it won’t start. I hear the starter working to start the engine, but it won’t crank, sounding like it is getting no spark or no fuel. However, after letting it sit for 30-40 minutes, it starts. Fuel pump has been replaced. Some have said maybe it is a “crank sensor” or “an ignition module”. This chump is stumped!

I suppose the fuel filter was changed…
Have the codes been checked?
Little vague on information for the experts to respond.

I believe you mean that it will crank, but, not start?
First, check it for lack of fuel by spraying Starting Fluid (or, similar type) into intake tube. If it start and runs a few seconds, yep!, that’s your problem. Let us know.

This problem was fixed by replacing the crank sensor. Thanks for the input!!