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1994 mustang gt speedometer isn't workin

my 1994 mustang gt speedometer isn’t working.i changed the speed sencor it still isnt working any clues??? my head lights also flash on an off and i hear a ticking in the fuse box . i checked the fuses they are good. what next

Your headlight issue sounded like a headlight switch.
Now the speedo too.
What else doesn’t work ?
These circuits all run through the ignition switch too.

In my 80 Bronco , I had to wiggle the key a bit after starting to get those circuits to hit, including dash lights and radio, until I replaced the ignition switch.

There once was a recall on ignition switches. hmmmm.

I think the 94 still had a speedometer cable, therefore gears in the transmission too.

i jus bought the car the guy said he had previously changed the ignition switch an gave me the one he took out ???

You might want to double check that. It should be electrical, not mechanical by 94.

It can still have gears, just not the cable. If it has gears it would include a pulse generating sensor; most likely at the trans. Ebay lists gears for those year Fords

On my jeep Wrangler we have this setup. You can have a perfectly good VSS and no speedometer if you don’t orient the gear correctly. I don’t know how this is done on the vehicle in question …but I’ll go through the motions anyway just in case it’s applicable.

In my case the gear is mounted into the sensor which is then bolted into the transfer case (the trans in your case). It needs to be rotated properly for the various size gears to mesh with the tail shaft gear. Think about it. A 30 tooth gear isn’t going to be as close “on center” as a 22 tooth gear would be. So you need to rotate the sensor “plug”. It probably has numbers embossed on it to show the position it needs to be in to properly mesh. It might be a range of tooth counts.

On my setup there are 4 positions that the assembly can be in. It’s held in by a two prong fork with tabs/tangs/tines that fall into a cross pattern on the assembly.