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1994 mustang gt headlights are flashing

why are my head lights flashing on my 1994 mustang gt? whenu turn the lights on the on for a few mins wit no problem then they start flashing off an on?? i hear a tickin in the fues box but i checked fueses they are all good . can anybody help me?

Headlight switch.

would the switch cause the fuse box to tick??

When my 92 Explorer did this, the clicking sound radiated all around the general area.
I don’t see a headlight relay listed, just a fog light relay, but this is just a parts book.
If the headlaights use a relay it could click too, but that click could just be the circuit on/off signal from the bad switch.
With the lights on ,be down by the fuse box listening and feeling for the noise to narrow down if it’s a relay.

It still sounds ( pun intended ) like a switch to me.

Start looking for relays. Get you head under the dash and listen. If you think you see a relay put your finger on it, you will be able to feel the “clicking” there are also relays under the hood near the battery,

thank you very much lol ill try the switch first it sounds like a easy fix thanx

what do these relays look like ? i dont know cars all that well but have little knowledge on simple stuff?

the ticking noise is for sure comin form the fues box under the hood

could this problem have any thing to do with my speedometer?

Check the relays in there if you have fog lights that relay could be the cause, it also acts with the headlights.

the circuit breaker for the headlights used to be built into the headlight switch. When they’d get weak (or there was an actual overload), the breaker would overheat, the lights would go off, the breaker would cool, the lights would go back on — repeat ad infinitum. Not sure if your car has the breaker incorporated into the switch or not, but it sounds like a thermal breaker is cutting out and back in.

Headlights are protected by a circuit breaker, not a fuse. The sound you hear is the circuit breaker opening and closing. The lighting circuit has a short or an overload causing this to happen. Or perhaps you have installed illegal 100 watt “off road use” replacement bulbs? Sometimes the dimmer switch will allow BOTH the high and low beams to be on at the same time. This too will overload the wiring and cause the breaker to cycle on and off…