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Speedless Speedometer

I have a 1996 Mustang GT. The speedometer works some of the time and some of the time the needle does not move unless I tap on the lens on the dashboard. Sometimes the needle moves to the correct speed I’m going and sometimes it moves beyond the correct speed. I must then tap the dashboard lens again to try to bring it down to the correct speed. I have replacd the speed sensor on the transmission but it did no good. Any ideas? I have been told by a mechanic that I must replace the mechanism in the dash and that could cost over $400 just for the part. Thanks.

Sounds about right. Flex cables and geared counters are history, and the “mechanism” is probably more electrical than mechanical. Not much to repair, just replace…

Thanks for the reply.

Since tapping it makes it work properly, YOU might be able to take it apart and find the electrical or mechanical fault that is causing the problem. I emphasize the YOU because it probably won’t be cost-effective to pay someone else to do it.

With the cluster out look for “cold” solder joints that can be re-flowed (usually at the point on a board where a ribbon cable is attached)