1994 Mazda RX-7 - swapping steering right to left

Is it possible to swap the driver’s seat and steering wheel on the right to the left?

Anything is possible with enough time and money. Luckily for you, the car was produced in both right and left hand drive versions.

You will need parts out of a wrecked donor RX-7 from a left-hand-drive country. A LOT of parts. Steering column down to the steering box and all the steering gear between the knuckles. A new dash, dash pad, pedal mounts, master cylinder brackets, brake cylinder brackets, new hydraulic and brake lines. Plus all the side-specific wiring needs to be changed and/or modified. This is about a year’s work for a DIYer with a job providing you have all the parts. The parts bill may approach the value of the car. Paying a shop to do this, many, many times the value of the car.

Why not just leave it right-hand drive?