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Converting a Mustang GT from left to right hand drive

Can anyone recommend a place to have a Mustang GT converted from left to right hand drive? In California? U.S.A.?

Forget about it. Your best bet is to sell the one you’ve got an buy a new one. It will cost THOUSANDS to do it right. If you can get it done for less then $5k it’s a bargain.

5K is in the ballpark. Do you know anyone that does the conversions?

As pointed out, this type of thing is not worth doing. I would sell the car as a novelty item and buy a regular model. I’m sure California Customs? who do “Pimp my Ride” can do it for you.

A friend of mine acceped a posting in Australia for 3 years. They love “yank tanks” over there. He took a full size Olds Convertible over. Australian authorities made him convert it to right hand drive at some exorbitant cost. It was a pain in the neck, as I recall.

In Bolivia they import a lot of 10 year old Japanese hand me down cars. The government only requires the steering and controls to be moved to the left. They pass the steering column through the old glove box and leave the whole dashboard intact on the other side. A local cab driver asked me to read his “gasolino” gage for him since he could not see it from where he was siting.

I don’t know of any company that does what you want specifically. If I really wanted to go through the hassle, I would see if a company that specializes in handicap vehicles would be able to do it. I have seen handicap vehicles with pedals moved to steering column, and entire movement most if not all controls to other parts of the car.

I know of no one who would even consider taking this job on.

And the $5k was a WAG…My personal opinion is it’ll cost MUCH MUCH more then this. $10k is NOT out of the question. There are custom places around the country that might be able to do it.

Thank you, that was very helpful.

Very good idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

If you are moving to a place where they have RHD cars, you may be able to take your car with you as-is, if you won’t be there too long. Check to see how long you can have one before the authorities make you do something drastic.

Maybe something like this woud be easier? :slight_smile:


I like it!

Try these guys -

Thank you. Exactly what I want, only U.S. based.

It doesn’t matter. This is a kit. Buy the kit, install it yourself, or find someone who will do it for you. If you plan to return to the US, keep the parts for the conversion back. Otherwise, sell the parts.

Make sure the kit works for your Mustang. This company says it is for the 2005 only.

Why would there be a company in the USA converting vehicles to RHD ???

I’d think their business would be fairly limited eh ?