1994 Mazda 929

A friend of mine located a mint condition 1994 Mazda 929, and wants to buy it as an additional car now that his son has a part time job. Does anyone have first hand knowledge as to the reliability of this vehicle, weak areas, and spares cost/avalability?

I read that this car, a rear drive V6 had some engine issues.

Car mileage is 73,000 and the vehicle comes froma dry part of the North West.

The engine had a design glitch that caused the hydraulic lifters to chronically fail. I’m unsure of the specific cause or if Mazda came up with a fix.

Too bad. I personally loved the 929 and almost bought one new in '93. The dealer let me take it home for the weekend (he knew me) and my (at the time) wife got really mad. I had to return it. Broke my heart.