1994 Geo Tracker - What are these worth

I have 2 Geo Trackers. One has blown engine the other bought for parts. Both bodies in good shape. Tires good. Upholstery in rebuild one new. Both clear titles. My husband passed last November and now I have no idea what they are worth and I do need to sell them. Just looking for a ballpark so I don’t get robbed.

Sorry for your loss but any offer for the 2 is a win for you.

They are 25 year old cheap 4wd vehicles. $500 takes 'em both.


A running and driving 94 Tracker is worth about $950.00
The one with a blown engine will probably cost you $250.00 to get rid of.
If you are lucky to find someone that will give you $500.00 and they’ll take both, I’d go for it

If I was in your situation I wouldn’t even try selling them, not worth the hassle.

I’d go to https://www.cartalk.com/vehicledonation/ and donate, or call my local Goodwill or Volunteers of America and donate, the cars would be gone in a couple days instead of the months to try and sell.

These are niche vehicles. You might try an auction house. A general auctioneer, NOT an auto auction. Have them sold as a single lot.

By the time the person has paid the charge to pick these up and take to the auction house plus the commission for selling they could be lucky to get $ 100.00 .

Just have a salvage take them away , it is not worth the hassle of dealing with people who want them for nothing and might even write a bad check for them.

True about the transportation, must admit I did not think about that. But the auction house handles the rest. Fees depend on the auction house, most charge the buyer the commission, some do charge the seller, usually 10% of the selling price.

Non-running vehicles would be worth little at auction. Not worth the trouble, IMO. One could try Craigslist, $500 for both, project vehicles, but then you’d have to deal with the Craigslist no shows, creeps, etc. And do vehicle donation sites take junkers? That’s about what they are, right?

edit - another option - list them together on Ebay motors, no minimum, ‘as-is, where-is’. If they sell, great, if not, call the area junkyards, see what it’ll cost to take them away.

That vehicle has a cult following but the cult is small and based on cheap operating costs. Priced at MAKE AN OFFER and someone will take them away and possibly pay over $250.

There are 5 Geo Trackers in my area on Craig’s List starting at $4,000.
It shouldn’t be hard to get $500 for each of these.

Yes your correct on that. Thanks for the reply

The average-to-rough running ones that have sold on ebay got bids of $1200 - $1600, one non-runner sold for $635 (‘ran when parked’ kind of thing). So $500 for each might be doable, but I’d sell them as a pair. I wouldn’t want to deal with it twice.

I took a second look at the models for sale and a nation wide search found fewer than 20 and while several were priced $4000+ they have been on the market for over 500 days and were advertised as driveable. They may be similar to VW Things. They are advertised for sale at many thousands of dollars and a few sell at the top while most sit and rust waiting for a buyer. A Thing has been for sale a few miles from me for over 2 years and the last time I saw it the price was $2000+.and Trackers are rarely seen here but when you see one you usually see 2 or more in someone’s back yard and none were listed in local trade papers. Of course it’s not smart to advertise at the rock bottom price but asking thousands for non driveable models can quickly driveaway the few cult members in the area.

If you don’t want to junk them via donation, etc, advertise them on Craigslist as a 2-for. Folks looking to buy and restore one of those sorts of vehicles would love to be able to get a second non-running version. It would make the restoration process of the other one considerably easier. I have no idea how much you could get for them. Suggest to ook at CL website, see what a fully functioning one – but not perfectly restored version – would sell for, and price yours at 2-for the same price as that one.

You guys have been great. Thanks so much.

I happened on this @Diana27

and if you’re still working on selling those Trackers here’s an apparent daily driver for sale that looks decent to consider when pricing