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Advice for pricing used Geo Metro

I was wondering how much you would suggest I sell my 1994 Geo Metro for. Its a standard 5 speed. It has no mechanical problems. My dad put an engine into it that has about 60k miles on it now. It gets about 40-50 miles per gallon. There is no AC. The breaks need to be changed, but I have all the parts and they will come with the car when it is sold. I looked at the price on Kelly Blue Book, but I feel that it is worth much more than that. Could you please give me your suggestion? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

Click on the ‘goto:’, see what they’re selling for in your area. From what I see, they’re going for $2000-$3000. Don’t believe the news reports, at $2.70 a gallon people aren’t panicking any more.

Edit: They’re asking $2000-$3000…sales prices are certainly lower. On Ebay the sales prices are $1500-$2500.

I’d say 2-3k is probably the gas hysteria price. These were very cheap flimsy cars new, and this one is 15 years old. I suspect you’re going to be lucky if you get 1,000 for it and that’s only because they have such a niche market amongst gas mileage enthusiasts and it’s the highly coveted manual transmission, 3-cylinder (I presume) version-- a 4-cylinder automatic version is practically worthless because they don’t have the spectacular gas mileage.

I’d love to only pay $1,000 for this car. Last time I was looking for one on eBay, anything that was in decent shape was going for $5-8,000, that was just a few months ago.

Hmmm… here’s a fun game. Get on eBay and compare the listings of Geo Metros that are being sold by private parties and those being sold by dealers (or dealers obviously masquerading as private parties). Notice that in the latter both the MPG claims and the current bids are much higher-- there’s only a couple of genuine private party auctions that are over 1000 and they’re mostly for newer ones.

Now, I don’t mean to defame the name of any used car dealer that’s trying to sell 15-20 year old subcompacts for a premium, but gee isn’t it possible to use a second account to artificially inflate the price of an auction? Say, to play on people’s irrational response to high gas prices, as we on this forum are all too familiar with. Hey, speaking of which, here’s one that already has an HHO system preinstalled. Look out big oil conspiracy!:|39%3A1|65%3A12|240%3A1308&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245

I’m not saying the OP might not be able to find some sucker who’ll pay 2 or 3k for it, but as gas prices settle down, so too will the Geo Metro scam.

P.S. I’d actually love one of these cars, but I wouldn’t pay over a grand for one!

Sounds like a $1k-$2k car. No AC will be a deal breaker for most.

What state are you in OP? Urban or rural? Rocketman

You probably should have sold it before gas prices fell. The funny thing is the new low gas prices are not motivating people to drive more because now people are either worried about the economy or they are already broke. So it is probably only worth about $1,000. It is probably worth more to you for personal transportation than what you will receive from selling it. Why, may I ask, are you selling the car? If the car is as good as you say, you should probably keep it.