1990 Toyota 4Runner - value?

I have a 4 Runner that had only one meticulous owner prior to my obtaining it. It’s got 242K miles. KBB says it’s worth $1K and NADA says $4K. I’d like to put it on the market, and boy does it get attention when I park on the street so there’s definitely interest out there. Any thoughts on how much I should expect to actually sell the thing for between those two valuations? I’m in California.

Asking prices around the country seem to range from $2,500 to $5,000 with similar if not more mileage so i’d say the Nada value is closer to reality.

More like $250…this thing is so old.

Age/miles not so much a factor here, 4Runners have a BIG following.

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In my area, and in your area, these old 4Runners tend to be in poor condition, due to rust issues. However, the vehicle in question is located in CA, so it is likely to be in much better condition.

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Here in southern Arizona, a used 4-Runner or Toyota Pickup from the early 1990s–with anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles would sell for $3500-5000 assuming it runs well and has no body damage. In fact, I frequently see these models for sale on Craigslist with major repairs needed, such as blown head gasket(s) or transmission starting to slip, and people are still asking $2000 or more “firm price”!

Just list it for the higher price or what you would accept and see what happens . If you don’t get any response then you can lower your price.

Yeah, that’s my plan. I’ve got some time to work with, which is always a luxury in these cases.

I do wonder if we’re really close to this becoming a “classic” car. In southern CA, there’s a huge car culture. Just the other day we had a 30s era Ford next to us at the stoplight. Within a decade, I think is safe to say that most cars will be hybrid or electric, at least in cities. So this simple engined gas guzzler would be really unique then.

Ordinarily people over-value their used cars, but in the case of 90’s Japanese minitrucks? The values continue to amaze me.

Heck, the '88 Mitsubishi pickup I have is rusty and old and tired and looks like it just wants to be taken out back and shot. But of all the cars I have, including an MR2 and a CRX, the truck is the one that gets at least 4 notes per year pinned under the wiper asking me to sell it to someone.

Last year, when I was looking for another car to replace my van which was giving me problems, I saw a Mitsubishi Mighty Max on Craigslist–with the V-6 and automatic transmission–for $7k “firm price”. Although that is far outside the range of what I would pay personally for such an old vehicle, it did sell, because after a few weeks the ad was deleted.

I can see it. I’ve been offered 5 for mine, and it’s just the 2.6L 4. The stickshift might help, though. :wink: